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August 8th 2013 - A quick synopsis of Mythodea 2013

Looking through the various writings that are now appearing - I came across an article written in German in the "Teilzeithelden" blog and web pages....  It is an insight into the event, and covers much of the experiences of the Grand Conquest but in this case form the viewpoint of the NSC - the full time Monster teams. As it is in German, and not all translating software works very well I thought I would transcribe it here as a permanent record - even though it is not my text...So - please enjoy and read on....

Conquest of Mythodea 10 years - and a triple first time

Shortly before the event, it looks as if all the excitement was for nothing, because my condition suggests a trick on me and I spend the weekend previously been sick in bed. Tuesday in the course of the day I still do not trust me to go, and so are my friend and I almost time for the pre-event party there.

In the city, many people frolicking, some still in their normal everyday clothes, most already in drapery. Quite a few have already not spared the effort to wrap themselves in full screen, complete make-up, stilt Faun shoes and such more, and so are pirates, priests, mercenaries and NSC undead flesh, black ice and pestilence here yet harmoniously side by side. The have-nots playing on the stage, as the level of the gallows birds and the Pressgang. But at some point the power just falls off completely. Too long for the waiting people, and so many more celebrations in the various camps together, meanwhile, it draws me into the tent, eventually the alarm clock ringing in the morning and I want to be as rested as possible.


On Wednesday it is sometime in the late evening "Time In" (start), but that does not mean that a leisurely day was imminent. At 11 clock it goes in one of the camps of the undead flesh, my bed, a make-up workshop already going on. How do you get it out that you look undead? How to make-scars, wounds, injuries and sewn larger area of skin, such as is given to applications on?

The field of possibilities is large and about a quarter of the other NPCs of the camp to take part in the workshop. This is no way special service of the organizer, but is held by a emery enthusiastic NSC actress who simply want to share their tips with others.

That passion just at the NSC of the Conquest of Mythodea is important also surprised to find my tent neighbours, as each outfit bought here by the players themselves, created, was stitched and tinkered. While there are so-called "deals" through which you can get locally reduced to weapons, armour and shields of each fraction, but this is not usually what makes the look.

Whether fighters in the seventh row or more "important" figure: The NSC created their appearance itself, after some operation depending on the associated sub-grouping, divided into must-haves, Would be nice and inclusive of a claim for no-go's. So hurry up my tent neighbours  yet fast to buy a few little things like a tabard and stock up on purple shreds by people from the camp. Because purple is the Lairdomsfarbe, it stands for the Lairdom Flower Field.

In the meantime, the next workshop is offered by another NSC Actress already. Exercises will help to deepen the breath and open resonant cavities. The goal: Longer, louder and better to yell and scream without becoming hoarse.

And then also begining the already Anspra weeks. Most of the time takes the general NPC speech to complete. What is in the next few days pas-it-ing? What is required of us expects? Who must we recognize as NPC, who are the special heroes and villains the next few days? The whole concludes with a rehearsal for the opening evening of the whole. It should say "test case" because many times we throw all of us as directed on the ground to ensure that we fall for the players as appealing when it's ready.

But until then, some time will pass, because it is close to more speeches. The undead flesh is divided into four so-called Lairdoms of approximately 150 NSC. Each Lairdom has some own ideas and goals, and so there is of course also a Lairdoms-speech in which give the leading Laird and Nobles and the associated SL more specific information about the end of the next day. A little later someone informed yet about the previous history of Mythodea for those who want to have more story relevant background information on the overall event.

The following are the division of Lairdoms in the individual sub-regions such as the various infantry units and artillery, each department also once more with information, for example, communicates expectations and performs several martial exercises. Myself, the path leads to lairdoms├╝bergreifenden meeting of the clergy, to whom I belong.

Elapse from the start of speeches to the end scarce four hours and then at the end suddenly did not seem so much time left to get changed for the start of the event and make-up it already starts: A march of about twenty minutes, the player to the store passes as quietly and unobtrusively to a corridor in the cornfield, which eventually brings us to our destination: the final seal.

The Final Seal

We are already in long lines as rehearsed on the lawn in front of the seal between a few free lines forming to be no later overrun by the players. This we eventually see in the distance - and us. Last year Argus had come first through the portal to the last seal, and now the players see him just standing there ... and at his side well in 1200 Ostracized who have placed in front of the seal, ready, seal and Argus there to defend. From a distance, it takes some confusion on the player side true, Argus meantime, a few words to his followers directed before he sets out to break the seal. I see players running in our direction, only a few, then more and more. They rush off to stop Argus, but too late. While some of them reach the first rows of the outlaws, but Argus can open the seal. Which also always liked to be expected then, however, does not happen. Rather a ferocious loud noise, a metallic buzzing sound ... and then plunge Argus and his army motionless on the ground.

The aisles in our ranks to fulfill its purpose and fortunately the players do not make their way through our body.

I'm lying with his cheek on the shoe of the man in front, with the arm, I find myself somewhere in his knee, meanwhile, the players run through the ranks and deal with the situation. We are always there when they capture Argus and carry away, as they piled some undead, and (of course not really!) Begin to burn, as do the magic gifted to detailed studies.

I only see players running around the legs a few feet away and hear their voices and their reflections - and find all this quite exciting. I have no idea how the scene might have looked like for the players and I will probably not find out, which is a shame, but you can feel the effect of the whole action itself about the distance across the field away - and that such things are finally, the NPC you want to achieve as well.

Eventually we may crossover, so OT (Outtime), get up and head back to the camp. It takes a while until I get there, because the road has become in the meantime not become shorter and it has long dark.

The Next Day...

The next morning, it's time once again to take a look at the roster, because I had just noticed that the first departure at 9 clock is on the agenda. To Saturday inclusive service includes seven hours each day, divided into service and battle readiness. A few minor plots are additionally for individuals, and not on the plan.

We walk three quarters of an hour later than scheduled release. This is not because that would not have been all ready on time, but it is important rewarming certain times. Somewhere on the site must have once things started or stopped, so we are apt time on site. The SL are in radio communication with each other and exchange information when which of the NSC from where, where, where long and possibly why and how to march.

The goal of the first march I already know: It's the Erdlager (Earth Camp) we had already circulated the day before. It is the most remote camp, we are accordingly once and a while on the go. The sun beats down in the morning rather mercilessly. Still waiting even under heavy armed like us, and bear both the waiting time and the march, without a murmur.

Due to the location of the Erdlagers I can battle, the first that I experience live look pretty good. I was not in the middle of the fray, the overview also improved. Nevertheless, there comes a point where it will slay me. Now, instead of going as usual undead side of the field, I'm on the ground a bit off the part still ongoing struggles around - again, only this time unfortunately, in the blazing sun. The minutes were struck off the list. I hear people in front of me laughing. First time nobody cares for me. Then comes someone who wants to heal me until he realizes that I am one of those that it can be better.

Finally someone means well, leans toward me and whispers to me that now I could probably get up quietly. I shake my head. No, I must be here, because I'm waiting for anybody notice that there's one of the undead just lying around and comes up with the idea to look more accurate. The first player to finally come up to me, nudging here and there, a simulated safety's sake, that it separates my head. They carefully examine the things my equipment that are obvious to see and consider whether the information to help them somehow. Then the whispered OT question to me whether and how far you can search me. I have nothing of it, which is not game related, but in fact something for players of relevance, and so I let them simply dig first time and think, until I tell them that this green bottle from one of my allowed to carry bags. One of the bystanders is probably a magician, and he throws a fireball at me and sets me on fire thus imaginary, before the players finally drag their prey from thence.

I have a lack of previous experience no idea if I've done decently, how it went, but when I finally finally get up and make my way in the shadows, I hope so. And I am pretty happy with my first "real player contact".

As web-loving  man reading so much good stuff, so I had already in advance of the battle a bit afraid of hard or unfavourable weapons hits, rough player actions and such more. That one is just as indiscriminately scans are taken from a stuff, even were the things that were within the scope of possibility. Instead, these Earth Camp Players were so friendly and cautious in their approach that I am more than pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately I have none of them even saw because I - as "dead" and in the middle of the sun - had almost entirely closed her eyes, but whoever searches me because, even packed all my stuff back later neatly together, before they went back to their camp. One-way toll!

Dealing with the Heat

A later battle shortly after lunch leads us to the camp fire. I experience this not to the end, because my friend goes after a while not as good, so we withdraw and take the path towards the Hospitallers. There we spend a good hour and you also prefer the doctor says decision times, because my friend who spends waiting period with an infusion on the bed lying eyes are weird yellowish discolored and you would rather exclude more serious.

In our time can stay in addition to drink it almost two liters of water, and actually disappear headaches and nausea over time and largely also the eyes clear again. He had eaten for breakfast and distributed more than 2.5 liters already drunk, as it it started to go bad well-documented five slices of bread. At the temperatures together with scorching sun, in leather armor with three additional layers of clothing fabric above and below to leave a reasonable and authentic at the same time feeling run-down, and in the midst of the second battle of the day 2.5 liters of water are virtually nothing. Padded for another two liters we finally leave the paramedics again.

The evening is "off duty" and actually we had the choice between the Community crickets within the Lairdoms and the celebration of the undead in the Albatross Tavern along with drumming and dancing, but instead we go to bed early the next day as both fit again to be. Until then, however, is still drinking plenty of fluids, the total daily turnover is finally somewhere between six and seven liters.

Lord Cenneth Falls

On Friday we are both very motivated at first again and again according to the march again this morning. It is once more in the direction of Erdlagers. Whose inhabitants have the audacity to even insult our Lairdom, Flower Field writing. This can not stand, and so we march, supported by Corpsedale, another Lairdom before their palisades on.

So feel uneasy about the settlers is not the Nazis, even if we are indeed "only talk", right? In this case, we want to Nobles at the top but actually just that and eventually arrange a duel: Our leader, Laird Cenneth, against three of the strongest fighters who can muster the Erdlager. Behind the fighters of Erdlagers the crowd cheering the settlers behind our Laird about 250 undead to its moral support.

After blessings of Lairds the battle begins - and, of course, defeated Laird Cenneth the first attacker. Signs of weakness against the second enemy we deliberately hide, and then the third fight of the shock: The Laird goes down - and he is not on again. Hastily jump the meat closer to him, to help him, the clergy tried to preserve the soul of the Lairds before disappearing ... but she is already gone. The Laird is more true-ing and dead-haf-tig!

Then the fighters of the Erdlagers have apparently been waiting for. The only realize its a case that gives them reason enough to attack, while others get the erupting among the undead panic of the moment with that fuels their lust for battle. They storm roaring forward to make the undead an end - and so convincing, that I, this time standing near the front, the legs take in hand and run, IT entirely, of course.

Trost - after the fall of the Lord


Unfortunately, this is the last fight that I witness on the spot. After his return in the camp again in the midday heat, unfortunately, the health of their price demands. Besides the general exposure to the weather and a fierce sunburn, my body remembers back from having only a few days earlier still been at home in bed, feverish and in turn it also reminds me that it enters into the strike. An hour before the next departure in the afternoon we finally depart prematurely. Too bad.

In our absence, the history of previous Mythodea ends. Paolo Armatio challenges the Argus caught and killed by him. Argus itself is made of the process, and finally he is executed. The Avatar Ignis falls in battle, Aeris leaves to the air bearing good cheer yourself Terra adopted in order to make the new land behind the seal for the settlers cultivated, and also Aqua goes his way. Other well-known figures suffer death, such as the commander of the Erdlagers the fox, and the Archon of the East. For years, beloved by many figures say goodbye to one way or another. They leave behind players like NSC some sadness and grief and IT, OT, as you can read in several internet platforms for his return. But all this leaves a feeling of power: How it will go in 2014? Because it is the end of a ten year campaign that was experienced, not the end of Mythodea, which could be witnessed here.

The defeated undead flesh


I am glad that I was a part of this story over at least half the time. Incredibly many impressions I took as complete newbie in the LARP at in Mythodea and as NSC. In the latter put a lot of heart and soul, for the drapery, for the role, but mainly but also for the players. And it's nice mitzubekommen when exactly and so arrives at the players. After a battle, I have witnessed the same three players independently, which came to us and said thanks for the beautiful game, playing off the good. They said it was about them always a pleasure to play against the outlaws. That's great to hear and motivated, because just that we're finally there.

For next year, I have already made ​​me a lot, because as the saying goes: "After Conquest is before the Conquest."

And for me it means even more, for me it is then that is probably again:


from: Teilzeithelden Article

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