Saturday, 10 August 2013

10th August 2013 - On Musings of Mythodea

Back home now and though I am prone to still rant on about how great the week in Germany was, we are starting to also get concerned about setting up for our own 60-40 Party to be held in Llanthony fields in Lower Henllan Farm ....

But now is the time to add a few photographs of the event  and look towards storing the videos that I have taken on the event

Rick and I at the Met Schwane  - the Mead Emporium  - it must be said that I was clothed better for the temperature - it was very very hot that day

and so I made my way from camp to camp with my trusty guitar over my shoulder - There all week !

Here I had a quick sketch made of me while I was singing - and while in the Grand Expedition..

It was lovely to hear the tones of "Green One " being heard around the site..

Here with Anja, of the Grand Expedition - the English Speaking group camping with the West Camp ..
A really lovely lady and great partner to Rick, the inspiration for the Grand Expedition...

so singing in the camp - get the honour of being called the "Best Bard Ever" which may not be true - but certainly bolsters up the spirits..  :)

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