Sunday, 3 February 2013

3rd February 2013 - Video killed the Removal Man ...

Over a week since I have managed to get to the blog - and indeed a query from an unexpected reader to ask whether there was a problem!!! Unexpected as I never really expected anyone to be reading the meandering thoughts of and ex-barkeep and prospective farmer / entertainer, but it seems that there are those out there who care - to you - thank you, and yes I am back.....

Well I am back this evening after ten days of hacking and coughing, and generally feeling the affects of Manthrax and Manflu, and after a day of full recovery am rather despondent that this evening I seem to have the phlegm back in the throat and am spluttering over the keyboard. There was a time when I thought it may be allergy based, but the extreme version seemed to warrant the five days of antibiotics, and the symptoms disappeared with deceptive ease.... But this evening I have the thought that I pulled down the interior canvass from the Crimson Moon Tent, and laid it out in the living room so Susie could build her chicken run for the bedroom...  Yes - I know what  wrote there, and it is correct, the chickens are getting to big for the incubator and warming box - and I still have not been able to clear the basement for the few weeks that is required before they get their freedom into the garden.... So .. they have to live in the spare room for a while... Rusty the dog feels that this is a good idea - well when he is allowed inside!!!

So, there is an option that the canvass has set off a reaction again... I prefer to think that rather than dwell upon actually being ill, always a downer, or the other options of allergy, the latest batch of home made wine that I have started yesterday, which we have enjoyed with the home made bread, home made cheese and home made apricot jam for breakfast, the home cured ham this evening ... No they have to be the healthy option - even if they are likely to cause my final demise through obesity....

But there is a connection with a further possible cause - which relates to the future clearance of the house, both to move the marquees to their new home, and to try to sell the house, and that is the next stage in the "boxing of 41". I spoke at an early stage of Alice and my attempt to clear 3 square feet of the basement.
But as my health started to improve, and after a foray up to Morrison's where a very nice storeman promised me all the banana boxes I need - especially if I call in the morning before they have to break them up, saving them an hour of effort!!! I began to look towards the top floor of the house...

Books!!  Plenty of Books!!  that seems to be the story of my life - indeed the storey of my life (see what I did there ?? Here all week!!) But we haven't really looked in the top bedroom for a number of years. The damp patch in the corner was new!! New to me .. if not to the house - we have had so much rain I cannot really tell if it is a problem or a symptom of the flood. But in our case - most of our books are happily esconced in a shipping container down in Pembrey so it was only three full shelves of economics reference,  Norah Lofts and Lensman Series...  and then - the main and daunting task that loomed on the landing that lies between the second and third storey if the house.....   Not books .. No - though equally as bulky!!

The lovely thing about the eighties and nineties was the availability of being able to watch television, more than once!. The onset of the Video recorder was one of those jumps forward in technology that I embraced. Luckily, the issue about the VHS or Betamax missed me and I was able to amass my collection of VHS over  many years. The early days were far too expensive for pre formatted films so my collection was gleaned through many hours of television watching. My music videos were compiled over weeks and months, collecting from various sources from Multi Coloured Swap Shop to Top of the Pops - but each with the aim of capturing those illusive new things - the "Pop Video" - no live performances for me ....

Of course - Youtube now provides a glimpse back into the past - but have they collected what I collected in my 193 three hour videos??  I do not know any more - I have not watched any video for at least five years since DVD cam along. But I do have a catalogue which has a full list... but though I know that the technology is out there now to transfer from VHS to DVD - that looks like another plan - as it will take a commitment of many hours. The task will be to watch all the videos and decide what cannot be duplicated elsewhere and transfer to computer medium. My daughter is particularly interested in the hours of video I took of them in their childhood - and I am concerned that it gets transferred correctly when I have the time and the equipment.. And so - two ceiling high bookshelves, double stacked with videos get transferred into banana boxes for that time in the future when I "might just get the time".

I recall when we moved into this house twenty five years ago, the removal men looked with sheer consternation at the mountain of boxes that comprised our book collection at that time. After the second hour of carrying boxes one mentioned briefly " are this lot for the rabbit to read??" after deciding to stack next to the rabbit cage. But that was twenty five years ago, and twenty five years of more book collecting.... and the videos of course!! Most of them will probably end up in the plastic recycling of course - but only after they have been carried to a new house, viewed and transferred to new media for the future...
But that means that the removal Man will be required to carry all the additional boxes. They are in a neat stack - but there are a lot of them !!!   They will stay here until we are ready for the move..

But they may well be singing the new refrain - "Video killed the Removal Man !!""


  1. Good to see you are back at the keyboard.

    Watching the egg-hatching video I had a compulsion to try to 'get into the head' of a chicken. What must they be thinking in their shells:

    'Let me get out of this cramped, hot, hell-hole that Ma and Pa put me in', or 'Try THAT, for an encore, Mr Houdini', or maybe,: 'Did this egg-hatcher really think I could break out right on that 'X' he put on the outside of my prison?'

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  3. Dear Sir: Your on-line 'hot link' seminar has forced this old dog to see if he learned that new trick!

    To minimize any potential (likely) ugliness, I shall delete this comment if I fail to perform effectively on the mission. On the other hand, if I succeed, I shall leave it here in boastful anticipation of acclaim!

    Here goes: Link to Swansea Jack's latest blog here:

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  4. You are a great hatcher-of-eggs and teacher-of-old-farts, sir!

  5. Excellent to see progress even if it does lead to your demise.;)The eggs are great, kids watched it several times before commenting "we must have some of those" - as my daughter tucked into a chicken wrap - oh the irony. Cute but delicious.