Friday, 22 February 2013

22nd February 2013 - Guest Blog - Dragons

Since I have a sister staying - it seemed only right that we should have a guest blog today...

A Driving Discovery 

Our tour guide in China called adventures into the unknown “discoveries” and we have adopted the phrase.  Today, after checking the laundry on the balcony which was stiff with frost, the trousers were standing on their own, the bird bath covered with a thin sheet of ice, and waiting for the results of the Piscorius bail hearing (aka pre-trial trial) we ventured out into the wild, treacherous unknown on the outskirts of Burry Port.   There be dragons here.    We drove what we thought would be the short distance to the Post Office that Arnold recommended.   Well, five miles later through the narrow streets of Pembrey we found the elusive place.   It was not, as we had been lead to believe, an easy place to get to, nor was it an easy place to park.  Oh but I get ahead of myself.  We first explored the car park on the near side of the railway bridge to get to the Co-op.  A successful discovery.  It was free, easy to get into, and more importantly easy to get out of with plenty of parking available.   We conducted a quick stroll over the bridge to the Co-op to make sure there were no dragons hiding under the bridge on the railway.  We got back to the car without mishap and then drove on to the Pembrey location.  Following that, we followed another set of directions to get to the Mini Supermarket at the petrol station somewhere east (or west) or Burry Port.  

We drove in, found it easy to park and drive out again but did not stop to sample their wares.   Actually, now that we have established that the car park is very accessible and without dragons, there seems to be no reason to venture out to the mini supermarket as the Co-op will provide all essential necessities.  So then, we braved the center of Burry Port where I said that the only way to drive through the town was to straddle the white line in the middle of the road and not hit the cars parked on both sides.   This was accomplished successfully and luckily there were no dragons hiding although there were lots of seagulls attacking the crows.   A parking space was found right outside the Spar shop.   A quick jaunt across the road to the post office, where we robbed the store of mother’s pension money and then we walked back to the car.   It will be noted that we parked outside the Spar which meant there was really little reason to go to the Co-op unless we wanted exotic items such as trifles, smoked salmon and pate.

So the discoveries were all very successful and we returned for a well deserved cup of tea in Mummy’s flat.  She prepared a lovely egg and cheese dish in the oven which was one of granddad’s favorites and now it is time to put our feet up and await the result of the pre-trial trial bail hearing of Piscorius.

Meanwhile, the ice is still in the bird bath.  The trousers are still standing without assistance and the ring doves are cooing at each other and picking up twigs to make a nest.  All is well with the world

Christine Longtin

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