Saturday, 16 February 2013

16th February 2013 - 59th Street Bridge Song

A time comes in life when you really don't wish to count the birthdays, so it was a great pleasure to visit another poor victim of the day and surprise a friend at their 40th Birthday.

In my case - I am really past counting. So when 59th Street Bridge song came to my mind, I happily started humming "Slow down, you move to fast.." Though in reality I am far too young at 59 to think about slowing down. Widening the girth - yes... And sad to say I am strapped up with a back support with a little pain in the back but that was probably from loading the van with all the marquees and benches and trestles.
But that is a sign of activity not inactivity so not really a portent of dotage.

So as we turned up at the Rose and Crown near Coventry to see a 40 year old birthday boy, and he, expecting to have a quiet curry with a mate, looks out at the meanderings of a large white van trying to find a space large enough to store a long wheel base white elephant.

The look of perplexity, followed by confusion and surprise in itself made the journey from Wales to Midlands  worthwhile, and as the hour continued, and more strangers arrived from all over the country, boosting the dining to 37, he slowly crumbled into a birthday heap......

I love surprises.. Especially being involved in surprises for other people. And this one was as good as they get. Even for the Curry house - who had to take the potential booking of maybe 25 or 30 could be 35 confirmed and up to 40 and were not at all phased upon a Saturday night..

We were all "looking for fun and feeling groovy..."

Now next year ....   Next year will be worth celebrating at home - cos afterwards I will have my bus pass....


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