Friday, 7 December 2012

7th December 2012 - Crimson Moon's Last Stand

The rain and the sleet was driving down this afternoon as I loaded the van for the last time, for a Crimson Moon venture under our direction. Forecast according to shows that tomorrow (Saturday) should be cloudy with sunny showers, and a temperature of 6 degrees. Let's not talk about Sunday at the moment - after all we will be on site and can't do much about it by that time.
It is the evening before that as the temperature drops, you have the opportunity to think that bed is going to seem very inviting at 5am tomorrow, as we start a drive down to Caerphilly Castle before dawn.. a long time before dawn!!

Monk's habit s ready and hanging by the door for my Alter Ego 'Brother Weaver Barrel' - the Drunken Monk, and "Nona the 'nebriated Nun's" wimple .  Guaranteed to scare a random Jehovah's Witness should one be silly enough to call!! But no, I am sure that they have more sense than to be out in this cold.

On this occasion - we are not taking our own marquee, which is sitting in the living room awaiting scrutiny for replaced guy ropes and patches, but are lucky enough to have an historic tent being put in place for us (I hope they remember to put it up!!). As a result, the van looks deceptively empty, with only the boxes of Mulled Wine, Mead, a crate of plastic Ivy, gas burners and 1,000 cups.

Sad to say, our benefactor, who normally graces the Castle as the Barber Surgeon, has just had his trailer stolen containing the full contents of his Victorian Hospital, and despite circulation through Facebook Accounts does not appear to have been recovered. Roger's knowledge that the axle is broken and the frame is unroadworthy does not help him as the trailer seems to have disappeared from his South Wales home..

I may have to sympathise with a few glasses of mulled wine tomorrow!!

So Caerphilly Christmas Fayre will start tomorrow morning for two days. Our last trading days as the Crimson Moon though no doubt I will be involved in the future helping the new owners.
Also our last chance at this stage, to spend the night in our favourite castle.

If you are in the vicinity of Caerphilly - hope to see you there...
Caerphilly Castle Christmas Fayre

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