Thursday, 20 December 2012

20th December 2012 - Last day of the World

As the Mayans seem to have identified that the world ends on the 21st December, I look with some satisfaction at the posts on Facebook from friends living in New Zealand - who are pointing out that it is already 21st December there and they are still there. Well, at least their posts are still there.

Of course, I have never really convinced myself that when they said that it would end on the 21st,  that meant at the beginning of the day, after breakfast, (or second breakfast if you are part of the current Hobbit Appreciation Cult) tea-time or at the stroke of midnight after the day is complete. If the latter is the case then I have to wait awhile to check that our antipodean friends made it, and we may still be in trouble...

However, as I prepare for my "Viking" style concert tomorrow night at Crosshands, I was gratified to read the following verse:


Despite all the hullabaloo
‘Bout Mayans predicting the End
I know that what I know is true
So heed what tell you, my friend:
While Asgard is under his rule
Old Odin would never allow
That Ragnarök happens on Yule
So bring on the beer and the chow!

I think I will stick with good old Odin the All Father on this one .... after all, if not I wasted £30 on tickets!!!

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