Wednesday, 19 December 2012

19th December 2012 - Not a lot happening

Forgive me readers I have prevaricated. It is a week since my last confession and nothing much really seems to have transpired. Such in the laziness of the double retired.
Of course the Lyre is taking a certain amount of time, now have a basic repertoire of 10 songs with original arrangement which I  am working on, which will probably end up on Youtube in the New Year. Seems strange but there are still no videos for the 16 string Lyre out there at all!!

Otherwise - it is preparation for the Solstice at the Cinema for Friday. After a number of changes in the line up - it seems that I will now have a 25 minute spot to myself  rather than singing in the round as originally intended. Which places me sort of in the same position as the headliner, Amy, which is nice, but rather challenging for a performer who has not actually been on stage before !!!

Have worked upon the stage setting - something needed to be easy to get into place - I only have a couple of minutes for the changeover, luckily I am single guitar connection and microphone, so the electrics are simple enough, and decided upon taking the Crimson Moon as my setting - after all it is the place where I am most comfortable!!  And some Mead of course!! One bottle left!!

and so....  built in my living room is a art of the Crimson Moon - all based upon a clothes rail so it will roll into place and a couple of boxes and barrels for good luck !! Of course - in the Cinema/ Theatre it should have a black backing and the full lighting which may make a difference - sort of imagining it as ...

Well only another day and we will know how it all went!!!..

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