Monday, 17 July 2017

17th July 2017 - Who Cares?

Thought for the day:"My hobbies are over eating and complaining about getting fat"

So, Doctor Who is to be a woman. Okay - let's move on.

Actually, I don't really watch a lot of Doctor Who - it is one of those things that I can go back and have a look at every so often. Picked up the last series of Capaldi and quite enjoyed - but did the same with Mat Smith - after about three years letting the furor run away.

It is like watching someone go through the grieving process - you fall into the shock, dismay, rejection, denial, and finally acceptance... or the change cycle..

I am sure we will all get over it !!!

In other news, the Bothy is having a pre Germany check over in the garage - fingers crossed !!

And I am running out of time to get anything done before the trip ...

But why procrastinate today when I can put it off until tomorrow ..


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