Saturday, 15 July 2017

15th July 2017 - The Parting Glass

Thought for the day:"An apple a a day keeps anyone away - if you throw it hard enough"

Worked hard yesterday - but failed to finish everything by midnight - the traditional hour for a Thynge (pronounced TING) - that time when you stand around the fire and call on Heimdall to open the link across the Bifrost Bridge - to tell Odin what has been happening during the day - a tradition that started as far as I know, when he lost one of his ravens - the ones that keep him abreast of all that occurs down here ...

But five minutes to midnight - the video was still rendering - and it took until after 1.30am to finally load upon Youtube and process...  so the Parting Glass - a tribute to Darren - is posted here instead ...

I lift a glass
to a big man
You beat me to Valhalla

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