Monday, 9 January 2017

9th January 2017 - The early bird can have a nap later

Thought for the day:"I thought swimming with dolphins was expensive - Swimming with sharks cost me an arm and a leg"

Taking my mother to the Dentist today - that does not sound much really, but it is for her. She is not as sprightly as she was and uses the zimmer frame for most of her walking. Sadly, the lift where she lives has been out of order since before Christmas which restricts things considerably.

It actually broke down while we were out for Christmas day. I wasn't sure how we would manage, but she managed to get up the stairs with a little support and assistance. Yesterday, we tried going down. Very painful but she managed - so we will get to the dentist after all.

Of course that means that I cannot get to my lunchtime "free for the over 60's" swim.
So, today I broke a habit of a lifetime and got up for the early bird swim session which finishes at 8.30am. Was too bad really. A lot more busy than the lunchtime one surprisingly. I suppose it is easier to start the day and then get on with everything afterwards. It did mean that I had let the Chickens into the run, fed the dog and had a cup of tea before eight.

Also means that the blog will be written a little earlier than usual.
Of course, that means that I do not know what is happening today.

But the rain is light. The walk to the pool was invigorating. I have swum, showered, shaved and am ready to face the day.....  is it too early for a nap I wonder?


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