Tuesday, 17 January 2017

17th January 2017 - Satisfaction Levels approaching zero

Thought for the day:"Being a hypochondriac is going to save my life one of these days"

Another grey day - but the weather is staying mild.
Another day of learning for me - Installation on Saturday in the Order of Athelstan.
Probably a trip to the shops and a swim - isn't life exciting ?

Today Theresa May is telling everyone her 12 point plan for leaving the EU ...
I don't think I will bother watching - I shall wait for the sequel ..

Meanwhile in other news, the Chief Constable of Dyfed-Powys Police has deceided to launch his new victim satisfaction improvement plan. "We are committed to improving satisfaction levels and service"

On this occasion I had to respond... 

If you have missed the story so far ....
Crime Ref: AAA/0230/19/03/2016/01/C

Email to Communications Centre 13th January 2017
On 3rd January I requested update on my Crime File from PC Sara Jones at Ammanford.

On 9th January I sent the below message via Communication Centre requesting an update from her Sergeant

I still have had no response from either officer either by phone or email acknowledgement.

Please forward now to the Inspector at Ammanford.   

My next step will have to be through the complaints procedure.

Iain Sewell

Sent on 9th January …

Dear Sir/Madam

I am disappointed that my emails are not being answered. I established that PC Jones was scheduled for duty yesterday but have not yet had an acknowledgement with regard to a crime which is now over 10 months old.

I would be grateful if this email could be forwarded to a supervisory officer for attention
I would also be grateful for the name of that supervisor in case I nee dot follow up.

Thank you   

Iain Sewell

3rd January 2017 

Dear PC Jones
A Happy New Year to you.

It is now almost 10 months since this was recorded as a Crime at Ammanford – even longer since it was reported as an incident.
It is a further 6 weeks since I provided statements at Ammanford Police Station.

I have enjoyed watching the comments of the new Chief Constable regarding his priorities for policing for the New Year, one of which is the quality of service given to victims of crime.

I have also had a fun filled Christmas week reading through the Dyfed-Powys Police web-site and strategy documents.
You may gather that a continuing lack of information can have a disproportionate impact upon an individual.

Many moons ago, Dyfed-Powys Police set up a Quality Support Department with a view to trying to improve the way members of the public were dealt with within the four counties covered by DPP and standards were raised with a view to improving public satisfaction and approval. Despite having force area total recorded / reported crime at lower levels than the City of Swansea per annum, and in some years a commendable detection rate of over 70%, the actual experience and perception of those subject to crime was still often low.

Many steps were put in place – but the main standard was to have as speedy a resolution as possible while maintaining a professional investigation. Not all Crimes can be resolved immediately - that has always been the case. Indeed workloads were high and other pressures can always cause delay. The main standard of satisfaction however was always whether the victim had been updated on the progress – however difficult it is to provide reason for delay.

I have been retired for 10 years and will admit that my personal experiences with local policing since leaving the job have left a lot to be desired – and I have maintained a patient position through this time. However, I seem to have been the one initiating contact on each occasion. I have had no feedback upon the progress or otherwise in relation to the incident. I am aware that the other victims of crime whose contact details I have passed on to you have not been contacted though their experience of this individual is an exact parallel of mine showing a pattern of criminal activity.

I have 24 persons linked into a Facebook Action Group all of whom are awaiting a response. The individual responsible for my crime complaint is still actively advertising and selling upon social media and in local trade markets.

I would be grateful for an early response as I start the New Year feeling that I must escalate my concerns soon.

Iain Sewell

(Phone numbers included on all messages - 
Text response on 13th January reference : DISS - 13012017-8)
Not a happy bunnie at the moment ...

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