Saturday, 21 January 2017

21st January 2017 - A Bit of learning to do ...

Thought for the day:"My pet mouse Elvis died last night  - He was caught in a trap."

Order of Athelstan today - and installation so I will have little time - but I will share the sentiments here as once again they sum up a set of maxims that seem worthy to me...

Our Ancient Charges, having subsisted since time immemorial, form the basis for our conduct as members of this Order. Still, as Freemasons there are other excellencies of character to which our attention must also be forcefully directed.

Let us never fail to:

Quietly and modestly move in the sphere of life; without blemish,
Fulfil our duties as men, and as loyal subjects.

Be pious without hypocrisy, benevolent without ostentation, and aid our fellow man without self-interest.
Let our heart beat warm for friendship, be serene and full of enjoyment.
In adversity do not despair, in fortune avoid presumption. Be resolute in the hour of danger.
Free ourselves from superstition and infidelity; and joyfully acknowledge the hand of the Eternal Master in all Nature.
Be careful to feel and adore the higher destination of Men, and to preserve our Faith, our Hope, and our Charity as not mere words without any meaning.
Remember our property, even life itself, is not too dear for the protection of true innocents, the virtuous, our society and the defence of truth.
If you wish severity, then judge yourself first. Range yourself against lawless violence.
Be tolerant with the debilities of your neighbour; oppose error with firmness but without arrogance.
Promote intelligence and aid learning without impatience for others.
Work diligently.
Honour Virtue, though it may be in the most humble garment. Do not favour Vice, though it may be clad in the finest purple;
Administer Justice to Merit whether it should dwell in the highest palace or in the lowest cottage.

Do not proclaim what you have done, can do, or will do, but where need is, to the best of your ability, lay hold with dispassionate courage, circumspect resolution, indefatigable exertion and the rarest power of mind, and pledge yourself not cease until the work is accomplished. Then, without pretension, retire into the multitude because the good act is done - not for acknowledgement, fame or fortune, but for the cause of the good itself, to the glory of God.

Once more into the breach my friends...

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