Monday, 2 January 2017

2nd January 2017 - On the disposal of Alcohol

Thought for the day:"I am an animal in bed - specifically a Koala - I can sleep 22 hours no problem"

After the parties and the celebration - this is a time that people wonder if they drank too much...  But there are lessons of futility in History where people have attempted to be abstemious - just saying..

It was called Prohibition -

When police entered a home and find illegal booze, the process was to literally dispose of it. This apartment building evidently had a pretty strong business going.
As discussed before, Prohibition ultimately proved to be unsuccessful in the long run. Many people draw parallels between alcohol prohibition and the contemporary prohibition of recreational drugs.

This was during Prohibition, when liquor was outlawed. Prohibition was instated in 1920 and lasted until 1933. Prohibition was supported by a coalition of rural Protestants and urban progressives. It was codified in the 18th Amendement, which was repealed with the passage of the 23rd Amendment on December 5th, 1933.
Prohibition is still considered to have been an unsuccessful project in the long view, but it did succeed in reducing alcohol consumption by half during the 20s. Its major failure was an unintended entrenchment of organized crime in American life.

a tower of booze - ready for the fires

and a thought for all those going back to work today - I know how you feel

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