Sunday, 15 January 2017

15th January 2017 - All Greek to me ....

Thought for the day:" I just found out we have a local library. They kept that quiet."

So the snow that was going to engulf us and stop the country didn't happen.  The Cold spell that would freeze us for the next ten days didn't happen. Life goes on.
Lazy Sunday morning for me. Once more got up at the crack of eleven and faced with a mountain of paperwork which I am studiously ignoring, and have been for the last week.

Facebook updated. Twitter Checked. Blog being written and the first cup of tea finished.
I am on day eight of the current "streak" of Duolingo - an interesting programe that takes you slowly through learnign aniother language. Just getting to the complicated bit where a bit of futre tense is creeping in and we haven't really covered the way the verbs conjugate.  Not really sure whether I persevere with the lessons as they go - with plenty of revision - or start my own little chart as revision. Knowing me I shall probably do the latter rather than face the paperwork that is around me.
It's all Greek to me really.

Saw this one and quite enjoyed the humour so thought I would put it here .. Don't take offence .. I was hedging my bets..

and with those few words -

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