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5th June 2016 - End of the World

Thought for the day:"My people skills are great - it's my tolerance of idiots that needs work"

Are we still here ?

As four years after the deadline for the end of the world (as set by the Mayan calendar) came and went without incident, scholars across the world have been trying to put their heads together to understand how the advanced knowledge of the Mayans had gone wrong.

Turns out, it hadn't.

Modern day scholars were the ones who got the date wrong. A series of miscalculations led to the faulty date, which has now been revised to five days from today, June 3-4 this year! So did we survive??

It was earlier believed that the end of the calendar marked the end of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. This would mean a new era of positive energy on Earth and the beginning of a new age. This is believed to be a cryptic message marking the end of the world.

“As far as we know, the people of Mesoamerica, the Maya included, didn’t care about leap years,” Anthony Aveni, an expert in ancient Mesoamerican astronomy at Colgate University told the National Geographic.

“Our philosophy about leap year is a complicated scheme to make the seasons jibe with the calendar,” Aveni said. “They were more concerned that time should be unbroken, not interfered with, and that the count of time should have continuity.”
"To break continuity would be to break order.”

A widely-circulated post claims the following:

The baktun is 144,000 days. There are 13 baktuns in the Mayan Calendar.
144,000 days x 13 baktuns = 1,872,000 solar days
Now the Gregorian calendar solar year is 365.2425
The Julian calendar solar year is 365.25
The Haab Mayan calendar solar year is 365
1,872,000 days/365.2425 (Gregorian solar year) = 5125.36 years
1,872,000 days/365.25 (Julian solar year) = 5125.256 years
and then here is the big difference….
1,872,000 days/365 (Haab solar year) = 5128.76 years
Subtract 5128.76 years (Haab) from 5125.256 years (Julian) =
=3.504 year difference and that makes 1260 days

 Of course, there is also the perfect square grand cross alignment on June 4 this year. "The Cardinal Grand Cross is an alignment with 4 planets, all squaring each other. A square aspect is a 90 degree separation between planets. It causes friction," says Adam Sommer on his webpage, Astrology with Adam Sommer.

Perhaps it is time to revisit Thessalonians Chapter 4 and join in the Rapture ....  it must be just around the corner again..

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 
Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Oh well - takes all sorts ...

If I am not here tomorrow - leave a message ..

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