Tuesday, 28 June 2016

28th June 2016 - Bowled Away with Weighty Decisions

Thought for the day : "I am quite glad that dinosaurs are extinct - as I am pretty sure that I would try to ride one after a few drinks...."

Went 10 pin bowling today for the first time in I-don't-know-how-many-years - and found that is was quite fun - though at the "reduced" price of 3 games of £18 it is not a cheap hour and a half ...
But though I could only find a 10 pound ball that fitted my huge hands which has left my arm aching and it was good fun - even if I was trounced by my wife ...  Strange things that we did not have before -  we were offered to put the "Gates" up ... What could that be we asked - oh - that means that you get a little fence all the way down the sides so you cannot go into the gutter  - well it may have improved my game as I followed two strikes and a spare with double zero hits.. No consistency!

Also the old button to reset the skittles is not longer there - we are not empowered or trusted  it seems to be able to do anything when the gate sticks other than speak to the hard working lass - who issues the shoes and the tickets, was hanging the wallpaper and running the bar - got the drinks and the coffee and phoned the "teckkie" guy to reset the lane....  We used to be able to press a button !

And all the adding up is done - but the old image that showed a top down view of which skittles (sorry pins) were left so you could decide how to set the spin and direction ( not that it would have made much difference to me as I went into the gutter again)  is not there ... Only the count of how many you scored and of course it automatically does the hard stuff that we used to have to work out - how many to add from the next go on a spare...

But it was a fun afternoon and a change..

Carmarthen this evening for the installation of Maurice Conclave of Military and Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Constantine - where suddenly I am only one of two founders left, and now the oldest serving Past Master ...  How did that happen ???
There is a photo somewhere of the consecration back in 1997 - probably in a box - I will find it one day ...

And so - another pound dropped - now down to 14st 10 pounds a drop from 15st 8 ten days ago....
Another day with a glass of water..
Bottoms Up .. 

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