Saturday, 25 June 2016

25th June 2016 - Can't face the Future? Try the Past

Thought for the day: "Want to know what makes me smile? Face Muscles"

Another day of offensive comments in broad generalisations mixed with realisations that things like knee-jerk reactions to pound values and stock exchanges are balancing themselves back up ..
Time to dwell in the past for me - or even a fictional pseudo historical future..
The Moon is at Airship Northstar and I think I would like to be there

A time to consider a world with steam driven technology ..

But I will have to wait until next week when we will go to Hay on Wye for the Craft Festival - only Saturday night - but that is all the time that we can stay away when we have responsibilities such as the chickens and ducks...

Such is Life
No - really !
Such is Life...  honest - now you can get back to your social media and rants
Everyone is on their phone I think

So - no weight loss today - but the heart tablets seem to be settling me down to a fixed rate ... I suppose I must embrace the future of pill popping ..

Day 5 Dry - don't think they have found me out yet....

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