Thursday, 30 June 2016

30th June 2016 - Mapping out the Future

Thought for the day: "Me: "I talk to myself"   Me: "Me too!" 

So... as the world starts to get itself back to normal, finding that the world did not actually end in their emotional ranting - a couple of images of the world ..
and of course Europe..

And as the politics continues we are waiting for someone - anyone to move on article 50 - its not likely to happen any time soon ..

but just for posterity..
In case anyone is interested - but more so that I can find it again
The Font for Game of Thrones is Northwood_high.ttf

Enjoyed putting this together for a good friend -

Another pound off today - so getting towards a stone down
But another 5 gallons of Chateau 41 (Red) went on today - be ready in a few weeks 
Lifting a glass of  diet coke today though..


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