Wednesday, 15 June 2016

15th June 2016 - Votes and Violence...

Thought for the day :"A bird of prey in my aviary only exercises after 8pm to old 80's music..
Yes .. Our kestrel manoeuvres in the dark!!

Getting closer to the time for a referendum - and as I drove up to Leek at the weekend I saw four signs for Brexit (how did they ever get that label into the media mind) and one for Remain ( why is that nor Bremain??) .. Apparently there were signs all the way from Aylesbury for leaving but none for staying... Interesting how the hype is going - well I do not know much as I switch off as soon as someone mentions it and do not watch the news any more..

So, I shall carry on with my nice little world where the voices like me and things are Green...

Meanwhile - a belated change of Cover and Profile

And time for a couple of photos from the event ..

Enough violence for one day
No alcohol today as I am fasting for blood tests tomorrow
but Cheers anyway...

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