Friday, 22 April 2016

22nd April 2016 - Aisle Altar Hymn...

Thought for the day :" When people say "you are going to regret that in the morning" I sleep in till noon 'cos I'm a problem solver.."

Someone brought to my attention a small fact about Ronnie Corbett's funeral this evening ..
Guess what you can see here ..

This was the altar at the solemn funeral proceedings ...

This was upon the coffin..

But ...  lets have another look at the altar .. what do we see there ??
They did it without mentioning anything .. count the candles - there would normally be two ..

I understand that as the ceremony went on - more people counted the candles and nudged their neighbour and slowly the message sank in

Nice One - Whoever made the decision ...   Four Candles !!

RIP Ronnie Corbett  - in a year when we have lost a number of people already this year ..

and add Alan Rickman, Paul Daniels, David Gest, Natalie Cole,  David Marguiles, Dan Haggerty (grizzly Adams),  Clarence Reid, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner,  Frank Finlay,  Harper Lee,  George Kennedy,  George Martin,  Keith Emerson,  Sylvia Anderson,  Frank Sinatra Jnr,  Frank Kelly, and Terry Wogan......and the last Chimp from the PG Tips adverts..
Do you know ....

By the way - if you do not know the relevance of the title of this blog... There was a nervous bride to be who was so worried about her wedding day int he church that the vicar took her aside and explained that it was a simple ceremony and nothing to worry about ..
It was in three parts
First - she would walk up the Aisle and be presented
Second - that they would both stand before the altar to make their vows...
Third - that after the vows there would be a hymn ...
All she had to remember was the three steps for marriage ..
Dutifully she went away - reciting the three points in a mantra
"AISLE ... ALTAR...  HYMN..........AISLE ... ALTAR...  HYMN.........."

But - Four Candles !
I lift my glass

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