Tuesday, 12 April 2016

12th April 2016 - From the wisdom of the Barber Surgeon

Thought for the day: "I don't always listen to Metallica - but when I do - nothing else matters"

Looks like another day clearing the tree from the garden.... Weather seems good today - may even get a bit of painting done as well...

Managed to get rid of the tree totally and done most of the painting now until the scaffolding is gone...

Meanwhile - Roger - (the Barber Surgeon) has once again sent a missive which I will share because otherwise it is lost to the wells of Facebook

"Now, this is less my usual rant and more of a public service announcement. 

The thing is this, for ages now I’ve had a chap who sits in a bunker somewhere deciding if my incoming phone calls are from legit folks such as yourselves, who’s dulcet tones I will always be pleased to hear, or unscrupulous vagabonds who’s sole mission in life is to part me from my hard earned spondoolicks in exchange for something I have no wish to acquire. 

However, of late, even he has been letting through calls from these unsociable oiks who always seem to have a life changing offer especially lined up for me at the least convenient time. 

 The best, I must confess, was the stair lift company who had identified me as a prime beneficiary for their superior stair climbing machinery. Granted the old knees sometimes ‘click’ but I’m hardly on the scrap heap yet and in retrospect perhaps I should have allowed them around to give me a ‘free’ quote (that’s nice of them) just to see the look on their little faces when they realise Morgan mansions is built on the northern Indian bungalow principle. If you can find the stairs lads, you can fit me a lift! 

So anyway, the upshot is that these darlings always seem to ring at the same time of day and I’m getting pretty fed up. Or not fed up to be honest as they always seem to interrupt my tea. As many of you know, cooking and the scoffable arts are very important to me and when I’ve spent, oh, several minutes producing a masterpiece of culinary extravagance I want to enjoy it without undue interruption (the beans go cold and the toast gets soggy). 

In light of this I would like to announce that from the hours of 5pm (17:00hrs for those of a military inclination) and 7pm (19:00hrs) the landline at Morgan mansions will not be answered. Don’t take it personally, mobile telephotographic services will not be affected so you can get me on the moby rather than the blower but at least those of a less 'social' nature will be ignorant of that particular number. Actually, you may want to leave it a bit later particularly if there’s something interesting on the ‘One Show’. Or a good film on BBC2. Or a re-run of ‘Coast’. Or a………."

Well done Roger.. I won't be calling you ...

Meanwhile - thinking historically - Alexey Zakharov is an artist with animation ... taking old photographs and adding magic...

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