Friday, 4 March 2016

4th March 2016 - Giving the Third Degree

Thought for the day:"I saw a zoo with only one animal - a dog - it was a shitzu!"

Had a trip up to Aberystwyth yesterday for the 150th anniversary of the Lodge. An interesting idea, they decided to have a holiday and let everyone else do the work. A bit of a shock to me, as thought I was ready to do the main part of the ceremony - they decided to hand over to the guest team almost at the beginning - with a lot more to do than I was expecting.

Add to that the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, the Deputy and the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and 70 other visitors, and we were set for a good evening..

 A good evening was had by all ....   and on this occasion not too many variations form the established ritual - though geographical variations were interesting.. 

Had this pleasant tweet form the Provincial Twitter account..

Oh well - back to the books for an installation on the Secret Monitor tomorrow - and this was meant to be my quiet year ..


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