Tuesday, 29 March 2016

29th March 2016 - Of Wet Weekends and Empire

Thought for the day:"Your overuse of correct punctuation and capitalisation on Facebook  is really showing your age"

So, back to normalcy - or something like that ... Up early to get onto the Winery to get stock for the weekend. Of course it is a new financial year and the winery has decided to change all their labelling so they are short on a number of lines - but they can do a fast delivery for the weekend so we will have some meads to work with... seems we will be restricted to Blackberry, Gooseberry, Rosehip, Sloe amd Quince... Oh well.

Cider coming through the post - hopefully to be here by Thursday as well as we will be on the road Friday.....

A badly stormy weekend though we missed a lot of it here. The people in Empire suffered another disastrous weather storm at yet another site. Was glad that the team were inside this weekend with Curious Pastimes.

Lovely shot here form Beth Dooner ..

Here is a shot from before..
and after ..
Photos from Tom Garner...

I wonder why I like my hobby so much .....
and from Paul Wilder

Still - nice and sunny today and the scaffolding is going up the front of the house..

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