Tuesday, 7 August 2018

7th August 2018 - Hi - I'm Back!!

Thought for the day: "I've been trying to find an expert physician, but they're all still practicing!!"

A full ten days away and an epic journey to Germany and return - I shall of course be recounting some of my adventures over the next few days - but today is a day for recovery...
Journey out was 26 hours - including 5 hours in a service station in the Camper but still a long journey. Return was 23 hours... with occasional stops at service stations as the fatigue caught up with me. Two whole books of the Black Company, possibly three!.

A few images just to put it into context .. and a video from the Fire Brigade at Brokeloh..


I hope this gives some context...

But the Heat !!! I am assured that no day was less that 30 degrees and on some days we reached 37 degrees with no shade - rules were enforced to ensure that everyone had hats or head covering...  I spent most of my time with a head scarf soaked in water under my headband ....
and then the Fire Brigade turned up...

Staying Cool in the Künstler Lager

But back to my own bed .. and a cool evening..
Cheers !!

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