Saturday, 19 May 2018

19th May 2018 - Retrospect CP Event 3 2017

Thought for the day:"A friend from New Orleans has joined a band singing songs about the Mississippi going down to the sea. It’s a tributary band."

So - no TV today then !!!
There is some sort of wedding going on and it is taking up more TV space than Brexit. I really do not care who is walking her down the aisle and only found out yesterday that she is apparently an actress been in some TV series or other.. Register my interest in the whole thing !

I thought I was safe and had a Knight's Templar Provincial Meeting to hide in - but it turns out that it is next Wednesday and I cannot go due to other masonic commitments. So I shall just sit in the quiet or practise my guitar or something.....

Meanwhile some pictures from event 3 (Curious Pastimes) last year turned up on my desktop in a file that I hadn't noticed ....  So I posted them as a Retrospect...

All photos also on Flickr in high res


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