Monday, 21 August 2017

21st August 2017 - Back from Pirating

Thought for the day :"I thought the dryer shrunk my clothes - turns out it is the Fridge!!"

Just back from Caldicot Castle and the South wales Pirate Event 2017 - and a great time was had by all - though the number of public through the gates was quite small.

But many old friends from reenactment and Pirate events and a lovely weekend in the Crimson Moon Tavern ... and some good opportunities for future Pirate events at Swanage and Brixham.

Personally, I spent most of my time singing and cavorting as a pirate instead of my normal Viking persons - though I am not sure how much difference you would have noticed - other than the lack of headband !!

Sadly - Bothy got a little poorly on the way home, when the clutch pedal started getting very loose and then dropped out entirely - somewhere near Newport. Managed to nurse her to Penllergaer but the hill with the traffic light at the top defeated me and ended up waiting for the RAC. Of course - it happened at 5pm - peak time for the going home people  and I was at a major traffic light with my little red triangle which everyone ignored and then wondered why there was a traffic jam back up the motorway !!  A nice couple of police officers arrived - did a check on the vehicle and a person check on me and then towed me to a safer place - seems fair!

RAC man tried hard but it seems a cylinder needs replacing - so hopefully we may get a result tomorrow - fingers crossed!!!

So - no more photos tonight - a shower and  a plate of baked beans on toast with an egg on top... Sadly last from our own girlies - fox got into the pen over the last two days and killed them all - back to start again ....

So - a glass of wine in memory of some fine girlies ...
Cheers !

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