Saturday, 1 April 2017

1st April 2017 - Another month starts - No really !

Thought for the day:" A bartender is a pharmacist with a limited inventory."

No spectacular April Fool's ricks in the news today. There is of course the new fad of Sea horse racing, a new neolithic chalk hill carving - (apparently a duck) next to the famous white horse, the Royal Albert Hall as decoded to do a concert of famous people reading teir famous tweets.. but I enjoyed this new launch..

Meh-Mite - the new, blander Marmite that's impossible to love or hate

sounds about right to me..

And... of course, the last bit of EU funding for the deprived areas of Wales - the £20,000 Holywood Style sign to be erected on the hills of Ystradgynlais ...

And so I start a new theme for the month - "Book Week"

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