Friday, 17 February 2017

17th February 2017 - Post Birthday Blues

Thought for the day :"My wife sent a text that she was in Casualty - I rushed home and watched 3 episodes but have not seen her yet !! Am Starving!"

Well, Facebook stands up to my normal expectations of the algorithms used by Mr S. If I have just over 3,000 followers on Facebook - and Facebook allows about 20% of the traffic through without "boosting" then I would expect about 550 to 600 birthday wishes, which is exactly how it panned out.

Thanks to all of those who took the trouble to post - there were some very nice things said amongst the good wishes and the "Green Ones"

In particular it was nice to get all the foreign links.. A real test of Google translate but a welcome reminder of good times with people from other parts of the world.

And so another year starts.
In actuality - it seems no different to last year - a very quiet evening at home with a nice bottle of port and some Cheese. Oh - and finally watched one of the early Star Trek Films - or rather a Film about the early days of Star Trek...

And so...

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