Sunday, 6 November 2016

6th November 2016 - Being Inventive

Thought for the day:" Always carry a knife - in case there is cheesecake, or someone needs to be stabbed "

Found a small article today about some strange and useful inventions and though many were less than appealing - I found a couple worthy of note....

The first is a set of contact lenses that automatically test for sugar and insulin levels in the tears and change colour so that the wearer can see theat they are out of balance. This is an alternative to blood tests all the time to check levels... I was impressedwith this..
 This little invention is an hour glass showing how much longer the Green light will stay on. Not sure whether that will really stop people jumping the light at the last minute - but seems a sensible idea in the long run if drivers get used to the idea. I remember in America that there woudl oiften be a count down clock next to lights showing the same sort of thing - but this is more visually effective.

 What can I say??  Pizza Cutters. What a great idea !

And I know a couple of mums who would appreciate this form of transport..

So - the inventions of human imagination continue...

and a final thought - "you had one job!"

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