Wednesday, 30 September 2015

30th September 2015 - What is GRE ?? Is it an age thing?

Thought for the day: "The sun always brightens up my day"

Did on of those silly on line quizzes today - Can we guess you age by your vocabulary ?
Thought I would share in this occasion  - they were a little out ...

Your age is 68

"You’ve studied many languages, providing you with plenty of ways to express yourself. You are storyteller and people love to listen to you. Your voice is full of wisdom and your vocabulary is old-fashioned and immaculate."

Couldn't really fault the sentiment and, as most memes work, they pander to the ego like a good horoscope...  good for everyone...  but I enjoyed..

But the thing that confused me was the section that asked me for my GRE Word..
I cannot be sure about the results as I had not idea what a GRE Word meant ..
But what is GRE ?? and what is your GRE Word ?? 
I chose "eclectic"..  it seemed the most likely one to apply to me,  but I have no idea what GRE is ..

It seems that this is a word that is in current usage - and may have a whole world of people who understand it - but placing it in a quiz to work out how old you are as though you will know the meaning shows that whoever set the quiz had no concept of how language has changed ..... and how people of my age will not know what they are talking about ...

So a closer examination of the world of Google shows that if you delve far enough - you get the acronym that means "Graduate Record Examination" - Susie found it - I gave up after three pages of Google - but I am that sort of person -

I knew in principle.. but the lists shown on google suggest lists of american vocabulary that you require to pass into graduation...  Still.... wasted a few minutes of my life  - So I thought I would give you the heads up so you do not have to follow my losses..

No - I am not 68 - just thought I would confirm ...

Meanwhile - local freelance reporter pops in late to interview me for the local rag... Seems we are near the deadline and he was short of a subject - so I gave him my life story.. the other ten minutes we spent drinking wine .. Not Chateau 41, sadly  but there you go 


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