Monday, 21 September 2015

21st September 2015 - Just a Minute in the Crimson Moon

Thought for the day: "I switched to a much tighter neckbrace and will never look back"

Yesterday was a day for fiddling with some video and posting. My friend Pete ( Scott took some video at the Curious Pastimes event over the August Bank Holiday - and this was the first opportunity I had to d a little work on them ...

The first one was a "time-lapse" compilation taken in the Tavern - so had no soundtrack to go with it. Of course - I am unable to do much with the music at the moment - the left arm not being flexible enough, so I went back to the old faithful Blackmore's Night, and one of my favourite songs "Under a Violet Moon" which just happens to fit quite nicely with "Down at the Crimson Moon".

 So - a bit of a voice-over on the laptop microphone ...   not too shabby..

Will do another today ...   better think about a glass of Chateau 41 for inspiration .

And just a little aside - for any who read my rant on Saturday about delivery firms and waiting for a credit card machine to be delivered - I though I had it all sorted - I have been waiting in all afternoon for my delivery between 2.30pm and 3.30pm this afternoon - just been notified that they could not delivery as there was no-one there!!   As I started to go apoplectic - I thought I would check - Yes - they have tried to delivery back to the Vale !!!! Seems the delivery to Llanelli is tomorrow - so I will have to stay in all day again tomorrow !!

Pleased to announce that the mead and wine arrived safely up North !!  there had to be an exception to the rule !



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