Monday, 16 February 2015

16th February 2015 - Another year older and deeper in debt...

Thought for the day: "Know how to kill the circus clown?? - go for the juggler!!"

Had an awesome day of greetings - over 585 on the day and maybe 40-50 late callers  - was lovely to hear from so many people..

A slection of thoughts are postyed below - no names no pack drill - justa bn idea of what came through

A dear friend once said it me, Sewell, clean off but great man. It is truly a case of square in round. Iain, have a great birthday, and please do not ever stop being square in round. Dai. Pembrokeshire, where Pigs Do Fly.

Happy bright sparkly* green glitter encrusted day of born to you Sir. Hope it has been a very green and pleasant one smile emoticon x

I've not got some kewel birthday rhyme but wanted to wish you a happy birthday , as you always put the effort in for everyone else. Which is much appreciated . So hope you have a happy birthday with your family 󾌵

*giants huge bewb squishes*

For the Bard who is never Barred. Happy birthday Ian.
happy birthday my friend... wish a great day and a great your and i hope we again this year may raise our horns full of mead to your great songs
Happy birthday Iain. like Dave Perry we also go back a long way. I wa a cadet in Tenby and you were a young copper. Long time ago !!
Hiccy Burpday, oh green one...
Hippy Bard Day, Iain!
Happy birthday Mr V. :) Have a green one! ;)
Don't know quite how I came across this, but it made me think of you. Happy Birthday!
Have a very very Green one Mr Vollsanger, Happy Birthday kind Sir !!
Happy birthday, have an awesome one with lots of green! :)
Happy Birthday Iain, have a yellow one (I wanted to say green, but it's been done several times already...) :-)
Happy birthday vocal dude, hope its a shiny one :)
Super-fun-tastic birth-related merriment! Have many things, perhaps not the green one though... :D Xx
Happy Birthday Iain! Wish I was as talented as you and could rustle up a poem, but I hope you have a wonderful day and spend it doing something you love.

Have a great birthday, a birth year that brings wonder and a pint or two to celebrate! Penblwydd Hapus iawn. Hugs x
have a green one! enjoy some hobgoblin-cocktails and have a nice party! happy birthday!

Happy birthday Ian have a green one and don't forget the mead!
Happy Birthday!!!!!! Have green one!!!!!!! Have a great day and relax and enjoy your special day!!!!! Drink loads of mead xxxx
A very happy birthday, let pigs fly and things be green!
Happy birthday vollsanger may your songs continue
(and that was from Llanelli Folk club !)
Happy birthday. May the mead flow freely and the tales be long
Bappy Hirthday. You share it with the Dad's Army actor Ian Lavender (born 1942) and the gangster rapper Ice T (Tracy Marrow born 1958) Have a good un.
Happy birthday Ian - may the music and drink flow!
Happy Birthday lovely Vollsanger. Hope it's a green one :-) xxx
A very happy birthday to you. Have a great day. Love from me and the tribe x 
Hiccuppy Burpday Sir.... ;-)
Hipy papy buthuth thuthdy bthuthda!
May you have a wonderful birthday with copious quantities of mead,cake & laughter?Big hugs X

just a selection ..

so - onwards and upwards


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