Friday, 13 February 2015

13th February 2015 - Triskaidekaphobia Friday!! That is Paraskevidekatriaphobia to you!

Thought for the day: "Thirteen at a table is unlucky only when the hostess has just
twelve chops" - Groucho Marx 

A Poem Written by Trevor Warland

Superstitious? Not me, that's for certain! I'm not, and I never have been,
though some funny old things have happened since the day I became thirteen.
It happened to fall on a Friday - the year's longest day, in June;
my bed was facing from south to north, and at night there was a blue moon.

That night I looked in the mirror and it fell, and smashed on the floor,
and for seven long years I suffered bad luck - or eight- it might have been more.
One day a black cat came towards me, and good fortune was promised at last,
but as I bent forward to stroke it, it spat and it hissed as it passed.

And then I spotted a ladder just leaning against a high wall;
I thought I would just walk around it in case something up there might fall,
so I cautiously stepped off the pavement and got hit by a car in the leg
while a lad, walking under the ladder, caught a large can of paint on his head!

But no! I'm not superstitious; I don't really believe all this rot.
I suppose, in my life, as luck goes, I've just been unlucky a lot.
I've thrown lots of coins into fountains, hoping my luck's gonna change;
I've wished with a wishbone of chicken, but my luck always stays just the same.

They say a rabbit's foot brings luck, but pity the three-legged rabbit -
He won't get away from the farmer's gun; he might just give up, cos he's had it!
On every Friday the thirteenth some people will never go out,
but I don't really care what awaits be, or what it is really about.

I've taken my shoes off the table, and closed my umbrella indoors,
I've just bought a shiny new mirror, and I don't mind indecent phone calls.
I won't let my milk boil over; I'll try not to spill any salt;
I'll not walk again round a ladder, although that paint job aint my fault.

I'll toss no more coins into fountains, or cut off a bunny's back foot;
and never again pull a wishbone and wish for a great pile of loot.
No! I'll PROVE that I'm not superstitious - that's there's no triskaidekaphobe here,
but I'll be damned if I go out of my house on the second Friday of January next year!!


And the day that 50 Shades of Grey - the film is released happens to be the day that Lead singer of Visage - who sang Fade to Grey died...   RIP Steve Strange..

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