Monday, 13 May 2013

13th May 2013 - Back to the Grindstone...

Another weekend goes by, and on this occasion my first weekend without the Moon, while the
Tavern visited Cow Pie in Dorking - the Surrey Young Farmer's Agricultural show..
Why would a medieval Tavern be at an Agricultural show you may ask - well it is a long story -
but mainly because a small medieval village with story telling, juggling and ferret racing seemed to be appropriate and therefore a place to whet your whistle was needed.

Of course the last time we were there we outsold the field bar - so they decided that a Mead Emporium and Winery would be our restriction - so that is what they did.

Meanwhile, we had a wedding to celebrate.
The weather proved glorious - for almost the whole day, and though the temperature is still low, the drive up to Reading in the Bothy was a delight. Our Green and verdant lands seem to have been transmuted into yellow lands - with the Gorse flowers out and field upon field of Rape stretching for miles.

The Bothy once again proved a great success - a nice flat car park at the wedding venue, near to some woods ideal for the dogs.

A home from home which allowed us to fall into bed at the end of the day, rather than looking for taxis and hotels, the nearest of which was a few miles away down country lanes.

Morning found the sun shining - so a good portent, and the woods were full of bluebells, so an early walk through the trees started the day.
Of course the dogs enjoyed - made up for spending the whole day in the Bothy - though somehow Delft had managed to wangle herself into the front seats in the middle of the night and got a little confused as to where she was. Not half as confused as I was trying to find her and wondering if I had shut her outsuide accidentally without noticing - I didn't think I had that much to drink !!!
But the Berkshire woodlands were enticing and being able to pop back to the Bothy for a cup of tea was a joy.
And so the journey back was uneventful and bright - until reaching the Severn Bridge where wales decided to welcome us back with rain, cold and mist...   But all in all a good trip.

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