Wednesday, 18 October 2017

18th October 2017 - and Last day in Paradise

Thought for the day:"Skiing is probably the most expensive way to fall down a mountain."

Well that week has gone quickly. Seems only last week that we arrived. But I am sure that the tightness in my trousers represents the shrinking power of the sun out here in Crete and nothing at all related to the amount of food I have managed to stuff into my mouth over the last week or the copious amounts of beer, wine , raki.

I obviously haven't really been drinking as my bottle of scotch (Lidl's best from last trip) is still practically full and will be going back into the cupboard for next time - along with the new guitar, the lilo, the pump, the spare food and all the other things that stay here when we are away. 

Once again a sunny morning, and we seem to have acclimatized to the two hour difference on this occasion - which was probably helped by the first night where I found myself strangely going to bed about 9pm and sleeping for over 12 hours...

But otherwise I would not really be expecting to be writing my blog at 8am having already had my two cups of tea. The laptop is still not very good for working photos so I shall just post some raw pictures again and get back to learning the Royal Order of Scotland - Provincial Junior Warden - ritual..  First World Problems as they say :)

Two of my Girls

and a third

Traditional Cretan Rooms in the mountains with Traditional Food 

We thought it was a canon - turns out to be two grinding wheels for Olive Oil

 Road Trip....

Cheers - or rather Yammas!

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