Saturday, 14 October 2017

14th October 2017 - Down from the mountains

Thought for the day:" Can you make a water-bed more bouncy by using spring water?"

Well, where do you start ... I am sitting on the veranda of our little "hotel" apartment at Hotel Eliza...
We started the days in the mountains enjoying "real" Cretan hospitality - in a "traditional" Cretan home  - and it was a really good experience...

A day traveling into the mountains of Crete - and no - I did not know that they were that high .. I do not know the actual heights - I will probably follow this up sometime in the future - but for the moment let me say that they were high!

It was not helped by me hearing the "Oh just come as you are" section of what should we wear - and missed the "but bring a jumper or fleece as it will be a lot colder " ...   My Bad !!  So in Crocs short sleeved shirt and shorts - oh well ... it was less uncomfortable to be cold in the mountains than it was to be too hot when we were last here !!

But - finally made our way back to home here and sat with Granddaughter as she hyper activated her way to bed after a long time sitting in the car - and being delightful for almost all the time ... and sauntered down to Patriko - a restaurant that we have visited a number of times in the past..

It was only this time that we read the the menu which mentions how the name originated...   The Restaurant lays claim to being the oldest in Agois Nikolais - I cannot vouch for that claim - but as the Knossis it had been there for a long long time ...   A few years ago - when the owner decided to retire and leave the business to his son - the son decided to rename it as Patriko - which means "My father's place " - as a tribute to his father  - and the food was more than one would really want for a single sitting - though to be honest we both managed ..

So repleat now - the battery is about to die on the la top and I will close for one day ..

I have Raki !!

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