Saturday, 27 May 2017

27th May 2017 - A Graphical Tale

Thought for the day: "You don't get a body like mine overnight. It takes years of bad decisions."

So - a massive storm this morning - so loud and dramatic that everyone was fascinated and could not stop talking about it on social media...  well almost everyone - I lept through it ... Quite happily!.  One advantage in a clear conscience - I think it is that - though possibly a glass of chateau 41 has a little effect as well!!

But, this morning I went to the Computer and suddenly the screen started pixelating. Now I learned very early that the best way to solve almost all computer problems is to switch the machine off and switch it on again!  So I did. And Nothing ! I mean nothing at all!!

Thus I went off to the Installation of Red Cross of Constantine in Bridgend a little perturbed.
An enjoyable meeting - a Past Master's lodge - so everyone knows everything and have been around for ages - a time to relax and enjoy without pressure. The toast to the District Officers was interesting - there not being anyone in the room who was not already a District Officer - so no-one to actually take the toast....

But the meeting went well and as I returned I thought that it was a good time to make sure that the rest of the machine should be backed up - if I was clever enough to get it up and running.... so I bought another hard drive form Maplins.... 

Then as I got home I thought to myself - there was nothing when I switched the computer on..  Nothing! That meant that it was not booting!! Or was it??  Even a poorly computer goes through its first stages even if it cannot load the software.. So - it was possible that the graphics output was the problem!!

Now - I was lucky enough to have a son in law who had a spare graphics card that he sent to me several months ago.. Not wanting to mend something that was not broken - I of course put it on a shelf until I had more time !! But now - there was no computer, so what better opportunity...

So - as I stripped the computer down - lo and behold there was a nice little slot for the card...  and then with it plugged in - the computer fired up !! thanks Stu !!

Of course, having moved the computer - I was faced with the gathered detritus of 8 years or so undisturbed dust and muck and rubbish and so many contact lenses that I could have build a 40K world  structure... so four hours later I have a clear desk and a computer that works ..

Tomorrow I shall back up the rest of the files!!


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