Saturday, 13 May 2017

13th May 2017 - Oops !! Pranged Someone

Thought for the day:"I was offered a coffin today - I said that is the last thing I need"

Bother !! Seem to have managed to back into a parked car while coming away from my mother's this evening - no damage to my car but a big dent in the front wing of the other vehicle... Sadly - it is a company car so my insurance is bound to start going up next year despite my protected "no claim" policy....

I was being so careful as well !

Ho Hum ..

Off to the South Coast again in the morning - maybe will let Susie do the driving !

Meanwhile - a picture or two from the holiday - really have not had a chance to sort them yet..

So - Another day ...

And still there is some politics ...


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