Friday, 3 February 2017

3rd February 2017 - Standing Orders at the Bar

Thought for the day:"I don't like morning people.. Or mornings… or people!"

Recovering from a speedy round-trip to Edinburgh.. Was a long way to go but enjoyable trip to the Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland - a beautiful old building, and good company.

It was my first trip to Edinburgh - but apparently I have seen all the best places already - thought there will be some more visits in the future I am sure...

The first port of call was of course the Standing Order...

This fine hostel is very special to see - as well as serving full breakfasts at 9am
This pub takes its name from its former use as the Union Bank of Scotland, the premises being listed grade A. Designed by David Bryce during 1874–1878, in a neo-classical style, these were later completed by his nephew John.

Nothing wrong with having a pinot grigiot with bacon  and eggs is there ???
Went down well anyway!

And a walk up the Royal Mile to the Castle...

Yes - I put a quid in the basket for him - he played well !

And up the tattoo ground - never realised that there was a slope and it is smaller than I imagined

A beautiful area - must go again ...

And into a small pub in the way with a fine selection of scotches...
I may have imbibed in one or two ....

And a nice ale ..
Seemed like a good idea at the time

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