Saturday, 25 February 2017

25th February 2017 - Brexit Right Chased by a Blair

Thought for the day: "Patience .. What you have when there are too many witnesses"

I don't do politics - well not in social media - it is destructive and emotive and does not take me to any form of future karma...    But along with everyone else in this society I have been continually fed a deluge of "Brexit" - a term coined by the media to create division - to identify a two party system, a black and white solution, to allow greater division and polarisation... and to allow what Douglas Adams would have delighted in - the opportunity for bigger and better chat shows .....

But Grandiloquent Word of the Day has come to my rescue ,,,


 every reference I hear from now will have an instantaneous translation of CODDIWOMPLE

I look forward to the day  more than I have for a long time

have a good day ..

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