Monday, 27 February 2017

27th February 2017 - Blustery Botanics and Sunny Songs

Thought for the day: "Good judgement comes from Experience. And Experience?? That comes from bad judgement!"

Went for a walk yesterday in the Botanical Gardens near Carmarthen. Well, when I say I went for a walk, it was a bit of a hobble due to the back and leg pain - but inside the dome it was quite sheltered. The wind was blowing a hooley through the open windows in the roof, which did not help the choir at all, who were on the main stage and in direct line of fire to the drafts. But tehy sang well, and cinsidering the poor accousitcs - it sounded good. OF course - as we eft the rain hammered down and a cousin of Storm Doris (which has just passed us) decided to have a visitation. Umbrellas went to the great hat-stand in the sky and it even managed to blow the cover off my camera !!

The  walk back to the caar was "interesting".

Daffodils were out ..

some interesting flowers

and - not quite sure why she was there
Been in the Studio again and this popped out - quite pleased with it ..

Haven't had a good pie chart for a while ...
So Enjoy - Cheers !

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