Friday, 24 February 2017

24th February 2017 - Rare Coins

Thought for the day:"My wife told me to stop singing Wonderwall.... I said maybe"

I went to Tesco today. When I paid for my shopping int he pre-scan section - a coin popped out in my change. I had not seen one like it before - it was a 2007 £2 Coin which was issued to commemorate the abolition of Slavery in 1807. It looked a little strange but obviously worked well enough in the machine so I popped it into my pocket and took it home.
As you do - I checked it on Google when I got home and duly found that it was a minted coin. But I also noted an article about the rare "mis-minted" coins of this type. Seems that some were minted with the lettering upside down on the side. Apparentlythe Queen's face - if held to the top, the lettering around the oustisde saying "am I not a man and a brother" should be readable. If it is upside down - it is a rare mis-mint.
Now I am never that lucky but I checked the coin - and lo and behold the lettering is the wrong way around to the queen's face!  Also there is apparently some marks on the silver/gold part where the edging is uneven!!!

The Daily Star tells me :

1807 Abolition Of The Slave Trade £2 – value £300-£360

In 2007 the Royal Mint marked the abolition of the slave trade in 1807 with release of a new £2 coin.
Although available in abundance, some were printed with errors, sending their value shooting up.
On a select few coins the words “Am I Not A Man And Brother” has been engraved upside down.
Due to this mistake they are now changing hands for as much as £360 on Ebay.

So I have a look on Ebay and what do I find?

 Hmm - seems I am about to make some money .... and a check of the details

Yup - seems about right !!

But then I notice that there are only 2 hours to go on this one and there are no bids!..
Further down the page I find several more "Very Rare" coins of this description going for £3- £4.

Maybe they are not as rare as people thought !!!

But I will put it into a special place and not spend it yet - just in case - I can keep an eye on it for the future - you never know - It may become valuable sometime!!

Maybe not today - but it may be worth a pint sometime

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