Saturday, 3 September 2016

4th September 2016 - Chickens and Chuckles

Thought for the day:" How many drugs do I have to do to pass the drug test? "

Sunday and we have seen a lot of flooding over the weekend - not with us - we seem to be safe even with a basement but Burry Port and Pembrey and police warnings for Ammanford roads..
Of course - it is Empire weekend - and that would account for the weather - which is sad for them as Curious Pastimes had such a glorious week ...

Going to eat a large Sunday Lunch with family today - with one of our Chickens - and it is a biggie...  Most of the veg would come from the Plotment but with the weather yesterday it really was not a day for digging potatoes - so we will just pretend...

Meanwhile - no photos today - will give it a day before doing Vollsanger's View ...   but there area few that I can add without processing .... so here we go

and there you have it

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