Thursday, 29 September 2016

29th September 2016 - Getting around to Command & Control & Gin

Thought for the day :"Step aside Coffee - this is a job for Alcohol"

So, a friend finally got me a present today and I suppose I should get a round tuit ...

In other news - this blast from the past came to me from 1997.. the time when we were just starting the STORM Command and Control System in Dyfed-Powys Police - which replaced the system I had written for deployment of resources - one of the 23 systems I wrote in my time at Dyfed-Powys Police.  It was a system that had flaws - it was designed by people who did not understand the tasks required and had a user interface that was never designed by someone who had to sit at the screen.

But it was the way forward at the time ..  Article quotes Chief Superintendent Alan Jones - I seem to recall writing most of it ..

Which brings me to other historical facts

On this day in 1736, the British Parliament passed the Gin Act. This put tax of twenty shillings a gallon on gin, sparking the Gin Riots, demonstrations of such passion and violence that it was found necessary to put a double guard on Kensington Palace.
This evening, I will be mostly Gin Rioting.

St Teilo Installation this afternoon - allowing me to get out of another Chair...  May slow down one day ...


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