Sunday, 25 September 2016

25th September 2016 - Oops - Maybe the wrong weekend

Thought for the day :"Adolescence: A stage between infancy and adultery"

Well, I may have done a silly thing...  After a lodge yesterday morning, and having a weeken (sort of) free, it seemed like a good idea to go to the Bard Fest that was being held down in Mitcheldean..  Now Mitcheldean sounds as though it is quite near as it is just down nt he Wye Valley, but in reality it is 97 miles and a two hour journey..

However, it was a nioce day so the Bothy was duly loaded with insturments and bedding and a bottle of wine for later - and off I went down the motorway, Vollsanger, the Drunken Monk Teddies, A raven from Asgard and a rat...

Sadly, when I got to the site - sat nav taking me to the doorstep, it all looked very quiet - in the sense of no cars and no sounds of revelling ...  It all looked completely deserted - but puching the door it opened surprisingly and I wondered around the building - which to be honest is quite impressive - a sort of up market youth hostel with everythign smelling of wood burners and smoke.

In a back room I surprised an old fellow who quite clearly was not expecting company - and I apologised and said I would have to find some wi fi to see where they had changed the venue to..  However, he asks me what I was expecting and as soonas I say a "group of bards" he says that I am a week early and the Bard fest is scheduled for next weekend !!!


Well... it only remained to turn around and head on home - vis the toll Gate of course for a glass of beer and some convivial company...
Ho Hum - maybe getting a little old ...

Cheers !

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