Saturday, 3 September 2016

3rd September 2016 - Charity begins in LARP

Thought for the day: "I squat down, wrap my arms around my legs, tuck my head between my knees and lean forward. Cos that's just how I roll."

A wet Saturday so an opportunity to do some photos form the weekend as a cunning ruse to avoid doing the mountain of paperwork that has grown up over the last five weeks ...
But on this occasion, the photos are of the Thursday Night at renewal - a time of jollity and fun as well as a sad tribute to the passing of Dee - a trader well known in many systems and the solemn planting of a tree in her memory..

But in the early evening, some gathered together to hold and auction and fund raising schemes for a charity being set up by one of the players, who sadly suffered the tragedy of a still born baby, Natalie over the Christmas period - and found that instead of presents and fun, they had to arrange funeral and find the expenses for that instead...  Now a charity scheme called Born Still - Still Born, a number of peopel decided to raise money ....   

Here are some pictures from the album...

well done to all
Cheers !

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