Saturday, 24 October 2015

24th October 2015 - Putting Clocks Back tonight

Thought for the day:"Some people say I abuse alcohol -  I am confused - I have only ever spoken highly of it"

So, today is the day that the clocks go back tonight. I felt that I had to support the Crimson Moon approach to time - after all it is always a quarter to eleven in the Crimson Moon  so what does it matter ??
I am not averse to having an extra hour in bed of course - indeed I shall probably avail myself of the opportunity of sneaking back for a nap quite soon - just because I can, and because I am not having to work this weekend - nor learn any huge tracts of ritual....

Managed to get myself a collar for my meeting in London on Tuesday. An old friend who sadly is now too old to attend decided that he would be happy for me to inherit his collar .. and very nice it is too. The embroidery is Gold and Rose Gold, so rather a special collar when all is said and done. The advantage with the Allied Masonic Degrees is that there is only one collar regardless of the rank - so if I should get promoted sometime in the future it would not incur any additional cost (other than a fee of honour of course - you don't get away completely free!!) No, once I have a collar that will last me for life - and this one is very nice indeed.

So with those few thoughts I leave you with the news that Junior Doctors are up in arms, probably correctly, because they want to work less hours - which brought ot mind this little image ...

I'll drink to that !!

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