Saturday, 10 October 2015

10th October 2015 - Fun and Fermentation

Thought for the day: "Energiser Bunny arrested !!   Charged with Battery!!"

A pleasant morning in Swansea today with the Order of Athelstan. Nice luncheon and good company. Sadly, took the car so the decision to pop into the Brunswick arms afterwards was not an option I could take up. Note to self - take the train next time !!

Quiet afternoon - and Wales lost to Australia in the Rugby. Yes. I know ! I don't follow rugby, but this World Cup I have watched more rugby thank I have in the last 5 years.. that is four matches !

Don't fret - it is not a habit that I am going to get into. It was a one off !

Still no Chateau 41. The White wine is about finished and soon be ready to put into bottles. Sadly, looks like it may be quite a while before it is drinkable, We have enough red grape juice to set another lot into fermentation - and I reckon that the red will be ready to drink before the white is finished.  Making do with a Blossom Hill ....


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