Thursday, 22 October 2015

22nd October 2015 - The key to History

Thought for the day: "I hear someone screaming - last time I buy Duct Tape at the pound shop!!"

An evening of making key fobs !  Next week, we celebrate the 900th meeting of St Teilo Lodge No 4755 at Llanelli. July 1925 was the date if the consecration, and the place was Falcon Hall which I do not know these days.  One of the celebration ideas was to make little momentos for the guests and so while I was in town I enquired at one of the local shops, and found that they had the little key fobs that you can add your own centre piece.

They were £1 each so I enquired how much they would be if I were to buy 50. They hummed and ha'd a bit but did not give me a definitive answer. A pity for them - as I probably would have accepted any reasonable discount.

But checking the intertweb, I find that I could buy 100 for £8.95 with free delivery - so that is what I did.  St Teilo logo and an emblem for the 900th meeting. Looking forward to the Collonade Club coming and joining us on the evening.

Still - plenty of things to do ... and the Chateau 41 is bottled - and very clear and fine it is..

And so - Cheers !!!

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